• Every citizen shall be provided access to Free Health Care facilities.
  • Essential commodities shall be made available uninterruptedly through arevamped Public Supply System.
  • Beggars will be kept off streets and public places. They will be provided special places and truly humanitarian facilities to suitably rehabilitate them.
  • Equal rights and opportunities will be provided to women on par with men in all walks of life.
  • Education will be made compulsory and totally free up to Graduation.
  • The outdated Education & Examination system shall be revamped and the students shall have the right to choose a combination of courses based on their intuitive interests to learn. Appropriate guidance and counseling shall be provided in full measure.
  • Financial assistance and every support required for proper and equal education shall be provided to all the economically weaker sections of the society irrespective caste, creed and religion.
  • Individual merit shall be the preferred criteria for opportunities in any field of human activity.
  • Sports and Performing Arts will be considered as Education and encouraged equally.
  • Citizens opting to explore self-employment opportunities shall be provided the right to appropriate financial assistance and other benefits for participating in the nation's economic development.
  • Unemployed Citizens up to the age of thirty shall be provided a fixed Weekly Unemployment Grant till such time as they get a suitable employment.
  • Pyramid Party of India will encourage research and development in Holistic Health, Holistic Energy and Holistic Technology and Holistic Services.
  • Pyramid Party of India will provide drinking water, irrigation, electricity, roads and transport facilities to each and every village.
  • Tree cutting will be forbidden and will be considered a crime and a rural afforestation shall be the main theme of Pyramid Party of India.
  • Killing of any animal will be against law.



"Only Enlightened are the Right People for Good Governance. Let us choose and elect only the Enlightened Masters."
-Brahmarshi Patriji

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